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Your Uber Driver Just Crashed. Now What?

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Your Uber Driver Just Crashed. Now What?

Posted on December 12, 2019 | Written By: iadminlaw

Your Uber Driver Just Crashed. Now What?

Your Uber Driver Just Crashed. Now What?

Get Tips from an Experienced Uber Accident Lawyer

The rideshare industry has revolutionized the way we get around. Whether you’ve been out drinking, you don’t want to deal with crowded parking, or you simply need someone to take you to the airport, businesses like Uber and Lyft provide a simple solution. Even the most skilled drivers can sometimes wind up in accidents, though—so what happens if your rideshare gets into a collision while you’re a passenger in the backseat? And what happens if that collision leaves you with an injury? Make sure you know what to do to keep yourself safe, and to seek the monetary compensation you need. Our Uber accident lawyers have put together a quick guide, letting all rideshare passengers know how to proceed should they be involved in an accident. Check out these tips so you’ll be fully prepared. This page was last updated in December 2019.

Advice From an Uber Accident Lawyer

First Things First: Make Sure Everyone is Safe

According to our Uber accident lawyers, it’s important to take things one step at a time. So, let’s begin at the beginning. You’ve just been in an Uber accident or a Lyft accident. You are probably feeling a little bit disoriented or overwhelmed. You don’t have to think about legal or financial matters yet. The first thing you should always do is just make sure everyone is safe.

In addition to your own injuries, assess the condition of your driver and any other passengers; if you are able to do so, check the driver and passengers in the other vehicles that were in the accident.

If there are any obvious injuries, the first thing you should do is call 911 and have an EMT dispatched. Obvious injuries might include:

  • Heavy blood loss (beyond minor nicks and scratches)
  • Visibly broken bones
  • Anyone who is incapacitated or unable to get up and be ambulatory

In addition to having an EMT dispatched, our Uber accident lawyers urge you get out of harm’s way, especially if the accident took place on a busy highway. Encourage everyone involved in the accident to move out of the road and remind the Uber or Lyft driver to move the vehicle onto the shoulder if he or she can safely do so.

Top 10 Things You Have to Do if You Get in an Uber or Lyft Accident Infographic

At the Accident Scene

Once you’ve ensured that everyone is okay, and dispatched any needed medical services, there are a few more steps you should take following your Uber accident or Lyft accident. Our Uber accident lawyers explain that these steps will help ensure your success, whether with an insurance claim or a legal action.

  • Call the police. Hopefully your rideshare driver will be one step ahead of you on this—but if not, take the initiative to call the police and have an officer dispatched to the accident site. Here’s why it’s important: The officer will file an official report, which will provide a baseline of fact—something that may come in handy should you ever end up in court over your Uber accident or Lyft accident. Our Uber accident lawyers say that a police report can also improve the changes of your insurance claim being resolved satisfactorily.
  • Provide your name and contact information. Your rideshare driver may ask for this information, and there is no reason not to provide it; he or she is likely filing a report with their rideshare company to get the situation worked out, and you may need to be contacted to clarify some facts or simply to discuss possible insurance pay-outs.
  • Get contact information from those involved. Similarly, make sure you get the name and contact information for your Uber or Lyft driver and from anyone else involved in the accident.
  • Tell your story. You obviously weren’t the driver, so nobody is blaming the accident on you. As such, you can simply tell your side of events to the police officer who arrives on the scene, providing as much factual information as you are able to. Try your best to keep the testimony short and sweet; just stick to the facts and try to minimize high emotions or blame-throwing as much as possible.
  • Don’t leave until the officer says you can. Stick around until the officer has completed the report and lets you know it’s okay for you to move on.
  • Report the accident. Finally, make sure you use the Uber app to let the rideshare company know that the accident has taken place. Hopefully, your driver is doing likewise, but you’ll still want to make sure you follow through with this important formality.

If you have any questions about what to do in the aftermath of a rideshare accident, contact I Accident Lawyer and ask to speak with an https://iaccidentlawyer.com/uber-accident-lawyer.htmlUber accident lawyer right now.

After the Accident: Seeking Medical Care

Following a rideshare accident, damage to your vehicle obviously won’t be an issue. However, you may sustain some damage to your physical person, requiring medical care. An Uber accident lawyer will always urge you to seek evaluation from a primary care doctor, an urgent care facility, a walk-in clinic, or an emergency room, even if you don’t think you are hurt.

Here are some specific guidelines from our Uber accident lawyers:

  • Seek medical care ASAP, whether you feel like you “need it” or not. Many of the injuries associated with car accidents manifest only after a few days, or even a few weeks. In other words, you could be seriously hurt and not realize it right away. For this reason, we recommend going to your doctor or to an urgent care facility as soon as possible after your Uber accident or Lyft accident. Not only does this allow the doctors to check you out and spot any hidden ailments, but it also provides you with legal cover should your case wind up in court. Note: If you don’t have a good doctor you can depend on, or if you lack health insurance, reach out to an Uber accident lawyer, who will be able to arrange care that you can afford.
  • Follow the doctor’s orders. Your physician may recommend that you come back for a follow-up; that you take medication; or that you do some physical therapy. Comply with the doctor’s recommendations here—again, whether you feel like you “need to” or not. This is in the interest of your recovery, but also your legal standing.
  • Keep up with any records or receipts from your medical visits. You’ll want to document all your recovery efforts, and also keep up with any out-of-pocket expenses; doing so will make it much easier for you to be reimbursed by the insurance company.

Again, if you have any questions or need assistance in arranging medical care, contact an Uber accident lawyer from our firm today.

Filing an Insurance Claim

One of the most daunting and complicated aspects of a rideshare accident is filing an insurance claim; this is an area where it can definitely be beneficial to enlist the expertise of an experienced Uber accident lawyer who will be able to handle this cumbersome process on your behalf.

Focusing on your physical recovery is the most important thing—but of course, you will also want to ensure that your insurance claim is filed properly. This can be one of the trickiest aspects of handling an Uber accident or a Lyft accident, because it’s not always obvious whose insurance will cover things: The company’s, the driver’s, or yours.

It largely depends on who is found to be the at-fault driver. Assume for a moment that your rideshare driver was to blame for the accident. If that’s the case, then you will want to see what kind of personal liability insurance the driver is carrying. Most Uber and Lyft drivers carry their own policies (in most states, they are required to), but the amount of coverage offered can vary.

Also note that Uber and Lyft both have policies on all their drivers, and that the coverage can be sizable; for Uber, for example, it’s $1,000,000 in coverage any time there is a passenger in the car.

But what if your driver wasn’t found to be at fault? If that’s the case, then you will need to file your claim with the other motorist who was involved in the accident, and who was found to be at fault—and here there is simply not telling what level of liability coverage that person has, if any.

Note that even if the at-fault driver doesn’t have any insurance coverage, or doesn’t have sufficient coverage, there may still be ways for you to get compensation. In some cases, you may be able to file with the employer of the at-fault driver. An Uber accident lawyer can help you with these considerations.

Should You Hire an Uber Accident Lawyer?

The process of filing an insurance claim is anything but easy and can sometimes entail some uncertainty. You may wonder: Is it wise to simply hire an Uber accident lawyer?

There is merit to this approach. An attorney who specializes in Uber accidents (or Lyft accidents) can handle the claims process for you, minimizing your hassle and headache and allowing you to put all of your focus on your physical and emotional recovery. In addition, a lawyer can help ensure that you are justly compensated for whatever medical costs or other out-of-pocket expenses you incur as a result of the accident, including lost wages due to your injury.

The important thing to remember is that insurance companies will generally look for ways to not pay you, or to pay as little as possible; in fact, insurance adjusters may even try to trick you into saying something that jeopardizes your case and lands you with an unfair settlement. A skilled attorney can help you anticipate and sidestep these deceptions.

Tips for Handling the Claims Process

To begin with, consider these guidelines from our Uber accident lawyers:

  • Don’t accept any checks from the insurance company. If you accept money from an insurance company, that typically constitutes a final settlement—which means you cannot file for further damages or take them to court, even though the amount you receive might be a fraction of what you’re entitled to. Never cash or deposit a check without having your lawyer present.
  • Avoid making statements to the insurance adjuster without your Uber accident lawyer present. Again, the insurance company may try to trip you up, and saying the wrong thing can imperil your case. We recommend having a lawyer with you on the line any time you speak with the insurance company.
  • Keep up with your medical care. Again, it can’t be stressed enough just how important it is to maintain whatever medical care your physician recommends—meaning going to follow-up visits even if you feel like you’re fully recovered. Any lapse in care will enable the insurance company to say that your injuries were due to your own negligence, not the accident itself.
  • Keep records. Also make sure you document any costs or expenses that you incur as a result of your accident. The more tangible evidence you can put behind your insurance claim, the better off you’ll be.

Find the Right Uber Accident Lawyer

Depending on the nature of your injuries and the specifics of the accident, getting your insurance claim handled justly, expediently, and smoothly can be a tall order. If you worry that your claim is not being handled in the way it should, or have uncertainties about the process, the smart move is to hire an Uber accident lawyer.

As you consider hiring the right legal partner, we recommend the following points:

  • Find an attorney who has specific experience handling rideshare cases; this is a relatively new field of law, and you want someone who understands the particular challenges that it presents.
  • Seek a law firm that only represents those who are injured in accidents—not big companies or insurers.
  • Ideally, look for an attorney who can consult with you 24/7, and who is willing to come meet you in your home or office or even in the hospital to talk with you about the case.
  • Ask the lawyer how much they will charge to provide you with the value of your case; many attorneys will evaluate a case for free.

The bottom line is that being involved in a rideshare accident can be traumatic. Getting your insurance claim processed doesn’t have to be. Seek the care and the compensation you need, with minimal hassle and headache. Find a team of qualified Uber accident lawyers (or Lyft accident lawyers) today. Reach out to the offices of I Accident Lawyer to learn more.

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