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Riverside County Distraction-Related Accidents

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Riverside County Distraction-Related Accidents

Posted on June 4, 2012 | Written By: iadminlaw

Driving a vehicle is a skill which requires cognitive, visual and manual attention. Complete attention is a must to reduce the risk of a car accident. The Department of Motor Vehicles has identified that those events or things that take from your attention while driving are considered distractions. Driving is a complex coordination that occurs between the mind and the body, therefore when you think of actions other than driving; they take away from the essential driving coordination which is needed to safely maneuver a vehicle. Accidents can occur at any time and have an increased risk of happening when a party involved in the accident is distracted. Simply veering attention off the road and onto the dash to press a button on the dash or radio can pose a distraction and can cause an accident.

The sequence of events in a car-pedestrian acc...

The sequence of events in a car-pedestrian accident (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration and the Virginia Tech Transportation Institute allegedly created a study per the California DMV website which concluded that of 80% of crashes and 65% of near-crashes, there was some sort of driver distraction situation which occurred three seconds prior to the crash.
There are five common denominators which lead to most accidents: cell phone use, reaching for a moving object inside the vehicle,looking at an object or event outside of the vehicle, reading, and applying makeup. Therefore, drivers that have more distracted driving events are most likely to be involved in vehicle crash, or a near crash.

English: Car accident in Haraz Road. Amol, Ira...

English: Distracted car accident in Haraz Road. Amol, Iran (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Distracted driving affects all on or near the road including pedestrians and bicycle riders. When a person becomes a victim of a distracted driver crash they may have the right to compensation. Obtaining the compensation the victim deserves is not an easy task and can be expertly handled by a car accident lawyer who knows the rules of the road and thoroughly understands traffic law. Getting the compensation a person deserves is vital to keeping the lifestyle they had prior to the accident. Get someone on your side like a Riverside car accident lawyer who will fight for you nonstop until you get the compensation that is for you.

On Wednesday, May 23rd at about 7:30 a.m. a vehicle hit a 14-year-old male juvenile injuring him when he attempted to cross the road on Westward Ho Drive and Dune Palms Road in Riverside County. The teen ran out of the vehicle he was in without looking for road hazards and attempted to cross the street. A vehicle traveling westward on Ho Driver did not see the pedestrian and hit him. The teen was transported to a local hospital where he was treated for a broken collarbone, moderate head injuries and various abrasions. The driver an adult female was not injured.


A car crash in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

A car crash in Colorado Springs, Colorado. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In an investigation it was allegedly discovered that the female driver was not under the influence of alcohol. La Quinta Police Department of Riverside County encourages pedestrians to look both ways upon crossing the street and drivers to exercise caution when driving near parked vehicles.

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