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How to Drive Safely—Even in Rainy Weather

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How to Drive Safely—Even in Rainy Weather

Posted on November 9, 2018 | Written By: iadminlaw

How to Drive Safely—Even in Rainy Weather

Summary: Rainy weather can make driving even riskier than normal—yet there are practical steps you can take to put safety first. Start by decreasing your speed, and make sure you don’t follow the car in front of you too closely. Remember that your stopping time will be slower. Also ensure that you keep your vehicle in the right condition—including properly inflated tires and fully functional windshield wipers. And if you are in an accident, reach out to a car accident lawyer for help.

Any time you’re in a moving vehicle, there’s a chance you could be involved in an accident—but certain conditions make this risk even greater. One example is rain. Rainy days lead to slippery roads and decreased visibility—so if you have to get behind the wheel during a downpour, it’s extra important to exercise the proper safety considerations.

But how do you drive safely in the rain? In this post, we’ll share a few safe driving tips from our San Diego car accident attorneys. And do remember: If you are in an accident in San Diego—whether on a rainy day or otherwise—our car accident lawyers are standing ready to get you the care and compensation you need.

Rainy Day Driving Tips from Our San Diego Car Accident Lawyers

Drive slower. When the roads are slippery, it means your stopping time is slower and your handling isn’t quite as precise. As such, it just makes sense to decrease your normal speed by five to 10 mph, helping you exert more control over your vehicle.

Keep a greater distance between you and the car in front of you. Again, be mindful that it will take your car longer to stop—so riding bumpers is hugely dangerous.

Avoid sudden braking. Be mindful not just of the cars in front of you, but also the cars behind you—and when at all possible, avoid doing anything that forces them to slam on the brakes.

Don’t put your hazard lights on unless you really need them. Hazard lights are meant to denote an emergency—so if there is really something wrong, use them! Don’t turn on your hazard lights just to increase your visibility, though. That’s not what they’re for, and you don’t want to confuse other motorists.

Ensure properly functioning windshield wipers. Before you even get behind the wheel, take a moment to make sure you have fully intact windshield wiper blades; then briefly test them, guaranteeing they work as they are supposed to.  The last thing you want to do is get out in bad weather and have no way to maintain your field of vision.

Avoid driving through big puddles or standing water. Smaller cars, in particular, can struggle to get through puddles. According to our San Diego car accident lawyers, the safest bet is just to drive around them whenever possible.

Keep your tires in good condition. This falls more under the category of general auto upkeep, but confirming that you have good tires is a necessary way to keep from skidding in the rain. Have your tires checked out (and rotated) at least twice a year or so, and if your pressure light comes on, add some air to the tires ASAP.

Don’t be afraid to just pull over. You may get into weather so bad you don’t think you can move forward safely—and if that’s the case, don’t hesitate to stop somewhere and wait it out. Just make sure you stop either in a parking lot or safely on the shoulder of the road, where you’re not in the way of other vehicles. This is an especially wise tactic if the rain is so extreme, you just can’t see where you’re going.

Reach Out to a San Diego Car Accident Attorney Today

Even practicing safe driving standards, you can still find yourself in an accident—and if that happens, you’ll want someone who will fight aggressively for your just compensation and care. Our San Diego car accident lawyers can help. Reach out to I Accident Lawyer 24/7 for a consultation on your personal injury case.


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