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Lyft Accident Lawyer

In a lot of ways, Lyft makes our lives easier. Along with other ridesharing platforms, such as Uber, Lyft provides a convenient way of getting around town. For drivers, it can even offer a meaningful source of supplemental income. But Lyft also has its downsides—namely, the very real risk of highway accidents.

What happens when you are involved in a Lyft accident—whether as the driver, the passenger, or a third party? More likely than not, you’ll need passionate legal representation to get your case settled, and to see the maximum monetary compensation. That’s where I Accident Lawyer and our team of Lyft accident attorneys comes into play.


Why Hire a Lyft Accident Lawyer?

If you’re involved in a Lyft accident of any kind, you may trust that your insurance company will handle things for you—but sadly, that’s not always the case. Your insurance claims adjustor is ultimately tasked with saving the company money, and in some cases that means you’ll be left in the lurch, on the hook for medical expenses, vehicle repair costs, and more.

With help from Lyft accident lawyers, however, you can ensure that justice is served. Our Lyft accident attorneys will handle all the interactions with the insurance company (and with Lyft itself) for you, leaving you to focus on your recovery.

What Does a Lyft Accident Attorney Do?

At I Accident Lawyer, we only represent the interests of those who have been injured in accidents. The services we provide include:

What Sets Our Lyft Accident Lawyers Apart?

I Accident Lawyer has ample experience representing the interests of Lyft drivers, and we are known both for our legal expertise and for our vigorous representation. Some advantages to choosing our Lyft accident lawyers include:

Seeking the Help You Need from Lyft Accident Attorneys

If you’ve been injured in a Lyft accident, you can’t assume that your insurance company will handle it. It’s far more prudent to seek help from an experienced Lyft accident attorney.

If you or a loved one has been injured, whether as a Lyft driver or as a Lyft passenger, we are here for you. Contact I Accident Lawyer any time to discuss the details of your case.

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Iaccidentlawyer is extremely professional in the way they deal business. I got involved with them after a recent car accident and I was very impressed. I got a good settlement from them meaning that I will for sure be back whenever I am in need of help.

Very honest and professional law firm. I have no problems referring anybody that has been wrongfully injured to them! I know they will get the best possible representation! Very professional, very impressive law firm! They treat their clients with respect and help them in every step of the legal process. This law firm has a great client-doctor relationship. They make sure their clients get the proper care/treatments needed to help them recover properly from their injuries! They truly care about their clients & in helping them to their road to recovery!

I called and told them the situation I was in. They took in my case and actually came to meet with me at my home. They understood how difficult it was for me to go to their offices because I didn't have a car after the accident. Office was professional and helpful! They help with all my doctor appointments and even help me get a rental! I didn't have to do anything but see the doctors to get better. I am definitely feeling a lot better thanks to this firm!

Amazing experience I had with attorney Donald. He was straight forward and had complete control over my case. My settlement was way better than I expected and my body is slowly healing. Call them if you are in the Los Angeles area!

I was in a horrible accident a year ago. When I thought I had no where to go and no one to help. I came across i Accident Lawyers. Matt Palatinus (the case handler) was very helpful. He guided me through the process and made sure I was taken care of in terms of my health. When Matt was busy or away from the desk, he made sure his assistants, Helen and Brigitte, knew my case. His assistants were well knowledgeable about my case and was able to answer all my questions. They were quick and efficient. 5 stars for Matt. 5 stars for Helen. 5 stars for Brigitte.

Recently, I got involved in an automobile accident. Even though I was injured, I received a lot of help from Vivian and attorney Brenda. I felt quite stressed and overwhelmed with the whole procedure, but luckily I had them to guide me through the whole process. They were both extremely helpful, efficient, and informative with my case. I definitely recommend this firm to everyone!

When my parents got into an accident, Atty. Donald Stevenson was there to help us. His service is top-notch and he really cares about his clients. A great person like him is worthy of a 5-star rating. I would also recommend him to others for his excellent service.

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