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Are you the Victim of a Big Rig Truck Accident?

With more and more people shopping online the amount of goods that must be transported across the country in large trucks is mind boggling. Anyone who has taken a long road trip can understand the strain of having to drive for hours on end, day after day. These truckers are on quotas and deadlines which can lead them in to pushing themselves too hard resulting in unfortunate accidents.

There are many additional factors that can cause truck accidents on top of those already associated with a typical car accident. The most obvious cause of truck related accidents is fatigue, which despite the pressure to meet goals, these types of accidents are the truck drivers own fault. Another cause for accidents is overloading, this is where the rear of a truck is too heavy which drastically increases the stopping distance of the vehicle. In this situation the company responsible for loading and weighing the cargo would be directly responsible.

Unfortunately, many truck related accidents often result in serious injury or death due to the sheer weight of the vehicles colliding. When a big rig tips over or jack knifes it becomes 75,000 lbs. of metal cutting through the roadway. The damage from accidents involving semi-trucks can be disastrous to both the vehicles as well as the people involved.

A common eventuality in big-rig accidents is the truck will survive nearly unscathed, while the other vehicle suffers significant damage or could even be completely destroyed. Due to the stark size difference, semi-truck accidents can cause serious injuries with potentially life altering emotional trauma along with massive medical bills.

Immediately after you and those involved have received proper medical treatment it is crucial that you consult with a truck accident lawyer so that you can know your rights. A truck accident attorney will help you file your lawsuit and arrange a settlement with the insurance company or company that owns the truck. Should the opposing party not wish to settle, then your lawyer will go to court and fight on your side to get the compensation you deserve. Most cases do not go to court however and are settled amicably instead, in these cases it is vital that your attorney be well versed in negotiation so that they can get you the maximum reimbursement for the hardships you must undergo.

Accident law is set on a limited time frame so that you need to file your complaint as soon as possible. It is imperative that you find a highly skilled truck accident lawyer as fast as possible to pursue your claim because the longer you wait the greater the chance that the amount of money owed to you will decrease or you could even lose your right to a claim entirely.

It is of paramount importance that you hire legal professionals who specialize in settling and litigating truck accident cases. Working with an inexperienced lawyer could mean losing out on huge amounts of money which you deserve.

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