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$12,650,000 Recent Settlement

Truck vs Car accident suffering a significant head injury.*

$8,000,000 Recent Settlement

Motorcyclist was T-boned by a commercial vehicle resulting in serious leg injury.*

$1,000,000 Recent Settlement

Truck Driver hit by a car suffering from a burn.*

$525,000 Recent Settlement

Car accident suffering a neck injury.*

$700,000 Recent Settlement

Rear end collision by car suffering neck injury.*

$485,000 Recent Settlement

Hit by an ambulance suffering neck and back injury.*

*The result for each was dependent on the facts of that case and the results will differ if based on different facts, this does not
constitute a guaranty, warranty or prediction regarding the outcome of your case.

Cars play an increasingly significant role in our lives, particularly in congested cities like LA. Unfortunately, this means auto accidents are becoming more commonplace. If you’re ever involved in a wreck, it could leave you with physical injuries, property damage, mental distress, even lost wages. You’ll need someone to champion your cause and help you seek the maximum monetary compensation. In other words, you’ll need a Los Angeles car accident lawyer.

But what can a car accident lawyer in Los Angeles do for you, exactly? For one thing, an attorney can help evaluate your case. They can help you get the medical care and vehicle maintenance services you need. They can represent you to the insurance company, freeing you to focus on your recovery.

If you’re ever injured in LA traffic, make sure you hire a personal injury firm that has a proven track record. And, pick a firm that will only bill you when they win your case! To find out more, check out this page from I Accident Lawyer.

Hire a Car Accident Lawyer in Los Angeles

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Cars are an important part of our lives. Most of us depend on them to get to school, work, church, and retail shopping… particularly in a place like Los Angeles, which is so big and sprawling. The use of cars is so mundane that we often forget how dangerous they are. And yet, automobile accidents remain incredibly commonplace, both on a national level and here in Los Angeles.

Indeed, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates that there is a car-related fatality once every 15 seconds. That’s to say nothing of the 2.5 million people who are injured in accidents each year, sustaining significant blows to their heads, spines, knees, arms, and other body parts. Even those who emerge from accidents absent serious injury may have to contend with property damage, or with jittery nerves.

If you are involved in a car accident or have a loved one who is killed in a collision, it’s critical to seek the help you need. A skilled car accident attorney can help you navigate the complexities of the auto insurance claims process; fight for you to receive the full financial compensation you’re due; and represent you to your insurance company, freeing you to focus on making a full physical and emotional recovery.

I Accident Lawyer is one of the most seasoned, most reliable, and most trusted personal injury firms in Los Angeles. We only represent those who have been injured in accidents, never the insurance companies. We fight for the maximum monetary compensation. And, we have an exemplary win rate. We are here to be your allies and champions during your hour of greatest need.

If you need to enlist a car accident law firm, please reach out to I Accident Lawyer at any time.

Do You Need a Los Angeles Car Accident Lawyer?

Following a car accident, you might face any number of consequences. Just some of the drawbacks you can experience in the aftermath of a Los Angeles car accident include:

  • Physical injuries
  • Medical bills and expenses (even if you’re insured)
  • Property damage (to your car, bike, or motorcycle)
  • Lost wages (due to your inability to return to work)
  • Other out-of-pocket expenses, e.g., short-term transportation services

These are serious issues, even above and beyond any mental anguish or emotional trauma you have to wrestle with. It’s reasonable to seek compensation enough to cover these costs, but how? Can you simply trust that your insurance company will come through for you?

Unfortunately, the answer to that is not necessarily. While it’s certainly good to have an insurance policy in place, remember that insurance companies exist to pad their bottom lines, not to show you any altruism. As such, insurance companies will look for any opportunity to deny, delay, or underpay your claim.

That’s why it might be necessary to hire an auto accident attorney. I Accident Lawyer is one of the top car accident firms in LA, and we will be your champion and representative before the insurance company. Our job is to make sure you get all the money that you deserve, and we won’t charge you until we win your case!

Don’t be left in the lurch following an LA auto accident. Reach out to a car accident attorney from I Accident Lawyer whenever you need us.

What Should You Expect from your Car Accident Lawyer in Los Angeles?

Following a car accident, it’s normal to feel disoriented, unsteady, or alone. That’s why it’s so important to hire a personal injury attorney who can have your back and help you move forward.

Specifically, there are several ways in which I Accident Lawyer can help you during your time of need:

  • Our attorneys can meet with you to provide a full evaluation of your case, letting you know approximately how much it’s worth.
  • We can represent you on the phone with your insurance carrier, fighting for you to receive the maximum monetary compensation.
  • If you need medical care, we can help you find a qualified, reputable physician, regardless of your health insurance situation.
  • We can also ensure that you are reimbursed for out-of-pocket expenses, including medical expenditures.
  • If your car ends up in the tow yard or impound, we can see to it that you get it back ASAP.
  • We can connect you with a reputable and trustworthy service center to have your vehicle repaired, if needed.
  • Our car accident law firm can advise you on if and when you need to head to court and represent you in your case.

The bottom line: When you hire an auto accident lawyer from our firm, the top consideration is to handle your case on your behalf, allowing you to rest, recover, and get back to normal. We’ll get you the compensation you deserve. Contact us at any time by reaching out to I Accident Lawyer in LA.

How Common are Car Accidents in Los Angeles

Our firm provides localized attention to car accident victims in the Los Angeles area. Sadly, there is a major need for this, as LA is a huge, populous, and highly congested place.

More people are flocking to Los Angeles all the time, overburdening the already-jammed highways. People come for the entertainment industry, for the tech world, for professional sports teams, for college or university, and beyond. And the overall impact is significant: The total number of collisions, as well as reported injuries, have been steadily rising over the past decade.

Surely the biggest factor here is the sheer number of people who crowd onto the highways of LA. Consider these statistics from the California Department of Transportation:

  • Los Angeles County has 20,771 miles of total roadways.
  • There are 527 miles of freeway.
  • There are 382 miles of conventional highway.
  • There are 5.8 registered cars in the county.
  • The total number of registered vehicles in Los Angeles exceeds that of most states!
  • On an average day, motorists in Los Angeles drive more than 92 million vehicle miles!

Simply put, that’s a lot of people covering a lot of ground, and the opportunity for collision is ever-present. What’s more, there are many areas of Los Angeles that are especially congested and prone to accidents. Some of the most dangerous parts of LA include:

  • Sierra Highway
  • State Route 118 / Ronald Reagan Freeway
  • Route 57
  • I-405 (located in the Sherman Oaks and Van Nuys area)
  • I-5 Golden State Freeway

In addition to these freeways, there are a number of LA intersections that are notorious for hit-and-run accidents. According to the data we’ve compiled, some of the most worrisome intersections in Los Angeles include:

  • S. Figueroa Street and W. Manchester Avenue
  • S. Vermont Avenue and W. 3rd Street
  • Van Nuys Boulevard and Roscoe Boulevard
  • Sepulveda Boulevard and Burbank Boulevard
  • S. Western Avenue and W. Florence Avenue

The bottom line is that there are many risky places to drive in Los Angeles… and yet, the truth is, it’s possible to be involved in a highway collision almost anywhere, and at any time. Even the safest, most meticulous drivers can sometimes get caught unaware for drunk, distracted, or irresponsible drivers.

If you’re ever injured in an accident, please understand that you don’t have to handle your legal and financial needs unaided. Get expert help. Seek a consultation from our car accident law firm, I Accident Lawyer.

What Causes Car Accidents in Los Angeles?

Population, congestion, and highway design all factor into Los Angeles’ high rate of accident and injury. With that said, human behavior is also a key consideration. Here are some of the most common factors that contribute to automotive accidents:

  • Driving while distracted (checking social media, talking on the phone, messing with the GPS, etc.)
  • Disobeying the posted speed limit
  • Improper turning (in Los Angeles, making left turns at green lights is a huge issue).
  • Defective or poorly maintained vehicles
  • Driving while sleepy or fatigued
  • Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Driving recklessly or disobeying the traffic laws
  • Teen drivers

These are just some of the major reasons why car accidents happen in Los Angeles, and again, they prove that collisions can happen any time, and to anyone. You have control over the way you drive, but not over the people you share the road with… and you never know when you might be struck by a reckless, drunk, or distracted motorist.

There are a few important steps you can take to minimize your risk of getting into a car accident. Some specific guidelines include:

  • Keep up with your vehicle’s routine maintenance needs
  • Stay alert to any relevant vehicle recalls
  • Always obey posted speed limits and traffic laws
  • Keep your hands on the wheel and eyes on the road… put your phone down!
  • Avoid driving if you’re drowsy, whether from a medication you’re taking or just from insufficient sleep
  • In LA, it’s wise to avoid making left turns at intersections without left turn arrows

Do what you can to put safety first, but if you’re involved in an auto accident anyway, seek the legal acumen you need from I Accident Lawyer. Contact us directly to speak with a Los Angeles car accident lawyer.

Common LA Car Accident Injuries

Hopefully, if you are involved in a car accident, you’ll walk away from it without serious injury. Unfortunately, not everyone is so fortunate. There are a number of injuries that are common to LA car accidents, including:

  • Lacerations
  • Cuts and bruises
  • Concussions and trauma to the head
  • Trauma to the neck or spine
  • Broken bones, in particular knees and arms
  • Whiplash
  • Traumatic brain injuries

Even if you walk away from an accident believing yourself to be uninjured, it’s important to be evaluated by a trained medical professional. Many of the most common car accident injuries don’t manifest until days or even weeks later, so be proactive in seeking medical care. To get the name of a reputable doctor who can assess your condition, reach out to our car accident law firm.

Why Choose I Accident Lawyer as Your Los Angeles Car Accident Lawyer?

You don’t have to deal with the aftermath of a car accident all by yourself. We’re here to help you pick up the pieces and move forward following your collision. I Accident Lawyer is one of the most trusted, depended-on firms in Los Angeles, and there are several things that set us apart.

  • We only represent the interests of those who have been injured in accidents. We are a personal injury firm, and don’t represent the interests of insurance companies, large corporations, etc.
  • We will come to see you whenever and wherever is convenient for you. A car accident attorney from our firm can meet you at home, at work, or in your hospital room. We want to make the process as easy as possible for you.
  • We have ample experience representing cases in LA, and we boast a high win rate. What’s more, we only bill you if we win the case. If we’re unable to recover the compensation you’re owed, then you won’t owe us anything.
  • We are prepared to represent you to your auto insurance company, acting as your champion and sparing you the headache and hassle of the insurance claims process.
  • Our personal injury firm is uniquely experienced in handling cases that involve pedestrians, bike accidents, motorcycle accidents, and rideshare accidents. This includes representation for passengers injured in Uber or Lyft accidents.
  • We are famous for always seeking the maximum monetary compensation for our clients. We want to make sure you have every dollar you’re due, allowing you to more than cover medical expenses, property damage, etc.

Hire a Car Accident Lawyer in Los Angeles

Car accidents are a part of life, and in hectic places like LA, they are ubiquitous. You can’t assume an accident will never happen to you. Rather, it’s critical to be prepared for anything, and to know when and how to seek the right help. I Accident Lawyer is here to help you day or night, and we welcome you to call us 24/7. Reach out to a leading LA auto accident attorney whenever you need to.

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I was involved in a car accident a few months back and after several doctor offices visits I was diagnosed with a life changing injury. I reached out to a few lawyers but none that caught my attention and made me feel comfortable and represented correctly as this firm did. From the employees at the front desk to the investigators all the way to the lawyer great personnel and straight forward. Definitely recommend to friends and family.


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I Accident Lawyer is number one in my book. I had two previous attorneys for my case that were simply paper pushers, no results. Uber lawyers pushed them hard. In fact the second attorney gave up. I had to hire this firm to undo the damage this caused. From the moment I hired I Accident Lawyer I felt at ease with their competense and perseverance at getting the matter closed in the best way possible.


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These lawyers were so ridiculously helpful and they answered all my questions with such ease. Very much happy that I called.


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The service I have received from the free consultation to meeting w investigator regarding my accident has been GREAT. I feel confident I will get the best service. All my questions were answered and the process explained very thoroughly. I would highly recommend their service The attorney handling my case has been great and everyone has made me feel confident I will get the best service.

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