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Car Accident Lawyer Downey

Downey Car Accident Lawyer

Importance of Car Accident Lawyer in Downey, California

When involved in an accident, every step leading up to the settlement counts. One misstep can affect a claim and the person’s recovery process. Documentation is important when dealing with type of car accident claim.

Importance of Documentation in Proving a Claim

When an accident occurs, it is important for an official to document the details of the incident. This report information is shared with the insurance company and helps determine fault. Adding as much information as possible to the report is important because the details are still fresh in one’s head. In addition to the police report itself, it is very important that one take independent notes throughout the claim process. After the course of treatment is pursued, the notification will be sent to the other party’s insurance company.

How Claimants are Awarded

There are several ways damages are calculated for the plaintiff. One method involves calculating the expenses incurred by a number and awarding that amount as pain and suffering. This amount is usually anywhere between 1 and 5. The next approach is the per diem method in which the person gets paid $100.00 each day beginning on the day of the accident up until the point of recovery. There are computer programs that can process and calculate the amount of pain and suffering for an individual.

Proving a claim is hard work for a person who isn’t an attorney with a great deal of experience in handling accident claims. A person stands to lose thousands in a claim if the documentation is insufficient. One can also stand to lose a significant amount of money without the right support advocating on their behalf the necessity for a fair amount that reflects a person’s recovery experience. Leaving how much of an award one is entitled to solely up to the other party’s insurance company is how many people get less than what they deserve.

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The best thing to do when in an accident is not to panic and focus on getting the right documentation in place to prove a person’s claim. The right information submitted to an insurance company by an experienced attorney usually increases the settlement amount and strengthens the claim.


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