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Dealing with the Aftermath of a Vehicle Accident

After a car accident, you might be dealing with damage to your vehicle or the loss of the vehicle along with significant injuries to yourself or a loved one. You might be forced to take time off work in order to heal at a time when you can least afford it as the medical bills continue to pile up. Dealing with the aftermath of trying to take care of the accident and argue with the insurance companies while recovering is stressful and overwhelming. Our personal injury lawyer will stay by side and handle the insurance companies for you. They have powerful attorneys backing them; you need someone in your corner as well to insure that your rights are protected.

Steps to Insure the Maximum Settlement

After an accident, the insurance company will most likely contact you in an attempt to negotiate a quick settlement. Remember, this is their initial offer, and their only goal is to save themselves as much money as possible. They are certainly not looking out for your best interests. In addition to an unreasonably low offer, they might try to pressure or rush you into signing a settlement. Do not agree to any settlement until you have first discussed this with your personal injury lawyer.

If you need ongoing treatment, you will want to wait to file a claim until you have completed physical therapy and are well on the road to recovery. All of these expenses can be included in a claim, and you don’t want to file one too quickly that doesn’t encompass all of the medical expenses. On the other hand, every state has a specific Statute of Limitations, so you need to comply with this time frame by filing your claim as promptly as possible. Failure to meet this deadline will mean a complete denial of your claim. Your personal injury lawyer can help you better understand these time frames.

In some cases, you might be entitled to two separate claims. First, you can seek compensation from the other driver’s insurance company. However, if that motorist was not insured or if they had minimal coverage, you can also file a claim on your own vehicle insurance from underinsured motorist coverage. Talk to your personal injury lawyer about your concerns.

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