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Young Boy Killed by Iron Gate

Alms Houses #3

Alms Houses #3 (Photo credit: stevecadman)

In Citrus Heights, California, a five year old boy was killed after a sliding security gate fell on him.

Jason Kolyadich was pulling on the wrought iron gate to close it after a guest was leaving his house when the tragedy occurred. His uncle heard his screams and immediately ran out to him to see what had happened.

The gate was put up in front of the house five or six years ago and the family has never had an issue with it before. Sergeant David Moranz of the Citrus Heights Police Department explains how in his 22 years as a police officer, this is only the second time that an accident like this has occurred.

The case is still under investigation; however, at this time there do not appear to be any broken pieces connected to the gate. Relatives of the victim believe that a back stopper may have been bent and that permitted the gate to come off of the track.

The gate that fell on the child is estimated to weigh between 250 and 400 pounds; five year old boys like Jason usually weigh about 40 pounds. There was no way that he could have held up that gate by himself once it escaped the track.

Law enforcement officers do not feel that there was any criminal activity involved in the child’s death; however, they are still looking into the reasons why the gate malfunctioned.

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