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Woman Killed After Falling Out of Party Bus

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One party turned fatal for one person this weekend. On Friday, July 27, one lady fell out of a party bus only to be crushed on the highway. Friends and family must be mourning this unfortunate accident, trying to figure out why this wrongful death accident had to occur.

While coming back from a country music concert in Mountain View, Natasha Noland got into a drunken argument with another passenger. She was highly intoxicated and then opened a door while the bus was still in motion on the highway. When Noland opened the door, both women who had been fighting fell out of the moving bus and onto the highway between Lark Avenue and Highway 9 in Los Gatos. It was around 11:50 p.m. when this incident occurred. The bus was heading back to Santa Cruz from a Brad Paisley concert.

Upon falling out of the party bus, Noland was run over and killed by the vehicle. The other woman who had fallen, a 20-year old from Felton, was taken to a nearby hospital to be treated for moderate personal injury. Her name has not been released. She was found with road rash all over her body and did not suffer from any internal injuries.

After the accident, 12 out of the 15 passengers fled the scene. Two of them were arrested for public intoxication. Many of the passengers were drunk and uncooperative. Witnesses who saw the incident unfold told reporters that the whole scene looked chaotic as passengers tried to run away, some hiding in bushes. It was pitch black when the accident happened with not many cars around.

One family who was traveling on the highway said they pulled over when they saw the two ladies fall out of the car. The husband ran to help Noland and the male who was with her. The male claimed to be Noland’s boyfriend. As the husband helped the two people, the wife ran over with blankets to the other woman who had fallen out of the car. Their daughter called 911.

The driver of the party bus has not been charged for the incident though the event is still under investigation. The name of the driver has not been release. None of the passengers have been charged either since everything is under investigation.

Natasha Noland is the daughter of the owners, Todd and Sue Noland, of a popular Pacific Wave Surf Shop located in Santa Cruz. She worked as a women’s buyer at the Pacific Avenue store. Coworkers described the victim as fun and lively. She was a Santa Cruz High School graduate.

Accidents like these are always mind-boggling. While no one was drinking and driving, an unfortunate accident still unfolded, claiming the life of one of the passengers. If you have ever been injured in a car accident, contact a San Francisco personal injury lawyer to file a claim.

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