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Shooting Victim Found Near USC Campus

Posted on February 15, 2014

A gunshot victim was found Wednesday near the University of Southern California. It is believed the victim was part of an altercation with a gunman in another vehicle, authorities said. The Los Angeles Police received a report of a shooting victim near campus around 10:40 a.m. Wednesday. The shooting is suspected to be gang related. […]

LAPD Racial Profiling Goes to College

Posted on May 8, 2013

As the school year comes to an end at University of Southern California (USC), students who are anxious to graduate or to complete another year look for experiences in which they can relax and avoid the stresses of upcoming finals and deciding grades. Nate Howard, a senior at USC, attempted to provide an event like […]

Former USC Trojan Busted For DUI

Posted on July 2, 2012

USC has a major public relations problem that won’t go away. Earlier this year, two international students from China were viciously murdered. Two years ago, the NCAA imposed strict sanctions on USC’s famed football program. The Trojans were stripped of its 2004 national championship victory and forced to vacate its entire 2005 season. As if […]

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