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Romeo was Involved in a Near Fatal Crash on Friday Night

Romeo Miller, the actor/singer and newly-minted athlete, was involved in a near-fatal crash on Friday night. He told the popular celebrity news website TMZ after the almost fatal crash that he should be a dead man. Romeo who was at the Grove on Saturday, was fresh out of the hospital, after having received treatment for his injuries. The sometime rapper told a TMZ camera man that he got into a traffic collision in a vehicle that was traveling along the road and going 70 mph. Romeo was the only passenger. Two airbags deployed during the accident. The celebrity was posting the pictures on Instagram immediately following the accident. The wreckage of the vehicle was extensive and it was improbable that no one would leave the scene unscathed and uninjured. He repeatedly stated that feels lucky to be alive. The rapper formerly known as Lil Romeo was lucky to have only received a few bumps and bruises on his body. The injuries were treated quickly at the hospital so Romeo did not necessitate an overnight stay.

English: USC Trojans basketball player and mus...

English: USC Trojans basketball player and music artist Percy “Romeo” Miller enters the court before a practice at the Metrodome in Minneapolis, Minnesota before round one of the 2009 NCAA Tournament. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“I could have been gone. I got into a collision, 70 mph, on my side of the car”, said Romeo.

He even got Biblical on TMZ’s reporters, adding to the interview that … “I walked out like Moses.”

Apparently the accident has evolved Romeo into a more spiritual person who is thankful for his livelihood and safety in general. It is unclear what the other vehicle’s condition was in or if anyone else was injured in the accident. The accident occurred in Los Angeles. No reports of drugs or alcohol being involved have been reported thus far.

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