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Rolls-Royce Recalls Vehicles that May Catch on Fire

Rolls-Royce is recalling some of its cars due to a problem that may cause fires. The 27 model-year 2013 Phantom vehicles that were manufactured from Nov. 2 through Jan. 18 of this year are being recalled. The issue may cause or increase the risk of a fire. Rolls-Royce Motor Cars sells these cars for $399,000 to more than $470,000.

The Phantom is at the top of the list for luxury cars with such amenities as personalized clock face that can be added for an extra $9000. Another frivolous expense that can be added to the vehicle is a presentation key box in walnut burr that will run the customer around $4950.

The problem with the automobile is that the fuel filler necks may be missing the anti-misfueling devices. These devices stop static electricity from building up and prevent misfueling of the car. This would cause the risk of a fire from the static electricity to increase greatly.

The recall began in early February and Rolls-Royce has been contacting owners of the vehicle and dealing with the car dealers who may be coming across these faulty vehicles. They have been instructed to inspect the gas tank and replace any fuel filler necks free of charge.

Car owners can contact the company itself or the National Safety Administration Vehicle Safety Hotline. Surfing over to www.safercar.gov can be helpful as well.

I guess this will make Toyota owners, among other middle-of-the-road car types, to be less upset with the recalls and issues that plague their vehicles. Even if you pay the price for an amazingly expensive luxury car, you may still experience problems and have to run back and forth to the dealership to resolve those issues.

If you or someone you know has been affected by this recall, or any other that may result in health problems or safety issues, please contact a personal injury lawyer at Accident Attorney’s Group.

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