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Multiple Cars Involved in Deadly Los Angeles Accident

Car Accident - Franklin Ave & Old Airport Rd

Car Accident – Franklin Ave & Old Airport Rd (Photo credit: KyleWiTh)

Last night, a Dodge Charger chased a Pontiac until they each ended up in a multiple car pileup. The people in the Pontiac are suspected of committing a drive-by shooting occurring at a fundraiser at West 79th and South Hoover Street that initiated the chase. Moments later, the two cars ran a red light and crashed into the cross traffic.

The cars collided in the intersection of Broadway and Manchester. The Pontiac hit a Saturn that was driving east on Manchester and the Saturn driver was pronounced dead at the scene.

The Charger ran into a pickup truck and the truck then collided with two parked cars and a man on a bicycle. The Charger driver is currently in critical condition, but everyone else involved in the accident suffered only minor injuries.

The driver and a passenger of the Pontiac fled from the scene and are currently being hunted for the drive-by shooting as well as the accident. A gun was found in the Pontiac that points to its inhabitants’ involvement in the shooting. A passenger from the Charger attempted to run as well, but was stopped by police on site.

This accident includes all tragic aspects of vehicles collisions. A fatality, hit-and-run, pedestrian, injuries, property damage and, even worse, it stemmed from a shooting. Los Angeles residents can only hope that justice will be served and disasters like this do not happen in the future.

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