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Motorcycle Accident was Fatal When Rider Crashed into Truck

Posted on June 22, 2012

Braga, 2011.

Braga, 2011. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

For motorcycle drivers, driving accidents can prove to yield very serious personal injury, sometimes even resulting in wrongful death. The fact that they have very little cushioning and protection makes motorcycle riders prone to harm when out in the road. Sadly, this was the case for a motorcyclist one grave weekend.

On Saturday, June 16, Dominic Tocar was killed in a motorcycle accident while driving down Pacific Coast Highway near Long Beach. He had collided with a truck driver who had made an unsafe left turn.

The accident happened on the 5500 block of the Pacific Coast Highway. Tocar was reported to have been riding at a very high speed going northbound. The truck driver was heading southbound, turning left when the collision occurred. Both drivers were Long Beach residents.

While motorcycle crashes are fatal for the driver, truck accidents are quite the opposite. Because of the bulk and size of a big rig, most truck drivers hardly end up wounded when involved in a car accident. For truck accidents, it is the other party (who are in an automobile, motorcycle, etc.) that ends up receiving serious personal injury. Whether it is the truck or automobile’s fault, the consequences of the crash can prove to be grave.

Thirty-three year old Tocar was speeding on PCH, unknowing that a truck would be making an unsafe turn. His speed wasn’t enough to allow him to dodge the truck; instead, it was his speed that caused him to fatally collide into the truck. There was no way that the victim would have been able to foretell the careless error the other driver was about to make. Speeding or not, motorcycle passengers can receive a lot of injuries and damage when involved in an accident. It was extra unfortunate that Tocar collided into a truck since trucks are known to cause major injuries to their crash victims.

After the collision, Tocar was taken to a nearby hospital but later died. The 66-year old driver of the truck was interviewed and cited but later released.

Dominic Tocar’s family, who were not notified right away of the accident, must currently be facing a very tough and emotional time. There is no way to retrieve a lost human life, and no way to undo an accident.

It is important, however, to stand up for you rights and to seek justice. If you have lost a loved one in a motorcycle accident, or if you yourself have been victim to an automobile accident, you have the right to seek an attorney and get compensation for your pain and suffering. A motorcycle accident and other car accidents are unfortunate, but don’t allow this event to overshadow your life. Hire a Los Angeles motorcycle accident lawyer and get the payment you deserve for your injuries.

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