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Mercury Found in Baby Food Produced in China, Products Have Been Recalled

23 kinds of baby food supplements, mostly from China, have been recalled. Tests have found that the supplements from Heinz, Beingmate and Bright Beginnings have levels of mercury that can be dangerous if consumed.

Baby Food

Baby Food (Photo credit: Fairywren)

830 infant food supplements were tested in the recent study and those 23 were found to have above standard levels of mercury. They had an average of 0.03 mg of mercury per kilogram, which is 0.01 mg higher than the safe amount.

Deep-sea fish, which can contain large levels of mercury, were in all the products.

Experts believe the products are still safe for consumption due to the fact that mercury is small. However, to be extra cautious, the products were recalled to avoid any health issues that may crop up. Since it involves infant food, food safety agencies are trying to tread carefully.

Beingmate responded to the press about the recall saying that two batches of dried fish floss made from tuna and sailfish were produced between July 2012 and March and were the cause of the high mercury levels.

Heinz and Bright Beginnings may not actually have contaminated products because they are produced by PBM Nutritional Ltd. in the U.S and the mercury products are created in Yancheng in eastern Jiangsu Province.

This is the newest of baby food recalls in China. Consumers have grown weary hearing about safety issues such as the melamine scandal that occurred in 2008. Six babies died then and 3,000 others fell ill due to ingesting the milk products that were tainted.

Hopefully this is one of the last recalls. Food safety issues are a serious matter and can harm countless people all around the world with the advent of globalization.

Companies are required to produce documents to Chinese embassies in their countries or their embassies in China to verify the quality of their products. Reports on bacteria and pollutants are also required.

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