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High School Being Investigated for Previous Hazing Rituals

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A Southern Californian school has been spotlighted in the press for a hazing incident that took place recently. While many sports teams and social clubs participate in some kind of hazing, any forced action that may involve assault or a compromise of safety can be looked upon as a crime. It is important to build up team morale whether that includes playfully teasing newcomers, but it is never acceptable to cause personal injury to another individual.

One high school in Los Angeles is being investigated for possible assault through sodomy performed on at least four students. In La Puente High School, multiple boys filed a suit against their coach for the harassment and assault they experienced.

The accused soccer coach has been put on paid leave and four high school students have been arrested for their connection to the brutal hazing of soccer team players. Four of the students were charged on Friday for criminal assault and then released to their parents. The coach, whose identity has yet to be released, supposedly encouraged the brutal abuse of soccer team players.

An attorney, who is representing three of the hazing victims, claims that one of his clients had been sexually assaulted with a javelin by other team members. One parent of the students said her boy came home one day looking badly beaten and bruised by his teammates. One of the victims had to be hospitalized for his personal injuries.

The attorney also accused school staff members of “attempting to cover up the ongoing hazing incidents” and is planning to file a suit against the high school as well.

The Hacienda La Puenta Unified School District has stated that their “district cannot tolerate this.” They claimed that they had not been aware of the coach’s involvement with the abuse. Many parents are advocating for the soccer coach be fired.

The Los Angeles County Sherriff’s Department is still conducting an investigation on the school, students, and coach. On Monday, the sheriff’s department stated that they have interviewed more than 70 percent of the students in the high school asking them about hazing rituals. Authorities have gone as far back as 2004 to ask students if they had been assaulted. So far, the hazing rituals are looking fairly recent.

School district officials have expressed their feeling of this “deeply disturbing” time. They have stated that they are not turning a blind eye as to what happened.

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