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Fallen Table from Pickup Truck Causes 19 Car Pileup

Wypadek na autostradzie A4.

Wypadek na autostradzie A4. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Two parties being involved in a car accident is devastating enough…but what happens if there are 19 parties involved?  On Tuesday, June 26, a 19 car pileup occurred in Agua Dulce on the Antelope Valley (14) Freeway. The crash was caused when a table that was not properly secured on a pickup truck bed, fell onto the road. Afterwards, a big truck that was rounding a corner came by and saw the table on the road but couldn’t stop in time. A chain reaction was sparked as cars began to pile up behind the semi.

When driving on the freeways, we constantly see big rigs. While they are one of the vehicles least involved in crashes, when they do cause an accident, it can result in very misfortunate events. As evident in the highway pileup, many cars became involved in the accident and many victims received personal injury. This incident which happened just north of Los Angeles in the mountains had caused injury to at least 17 people, two of which were critically wounded.

The driver of the pickup truck who had lost the table did not stop. Investigators are not sure whether the driver was aware of the accident he had caused. Officials also stated that there was no detailed description of the truck.

The pileup had started at around 9:45 a.m. A variety of vehicles were involved—family cars, SUVs, pickups, and big rigs. At least two cars ha ended up piled on top of the wreck and at least one individual had to be rescued from underneath. One truck was carrying dirt or sand that had spilled onto the roadway. Also, fuel had been spilled onto the roadways but did not cause further hazards to the accident.

Traffic was backed up for two to three miles, causing hours of delay. Much of the freeway lanes were closed because of the incident. Seven ambulances arrived at the scene of the accident along with 50 firefighters. This horrific scene is something that only can be witnessed in movies. The people involved must have to deal with the aftermath of the accident plus their automobile, medical, and legal bills. Contacting a Los Angeles attorney to help them with legal matters may prove to be beneficial for them.

After the pileup, all southbound lanes were closed as well as two northbound lanes. The accident had taken up a huge chunk of the 14 Freeway and damages had to be assessed. By Tuesday afternoon at 2:15 p.m., all the freeway lanes were reopened.

While these types of large-scale accidents are fairly uncommon, they prove to be dangerous. The trauma the drivers and passengers must have faced could be severe. Injuries, pain and suffering must have been abundant on that Tuesday morning. When a car accident situation happens to you, don’t hesitate to file a claim and seek compensation. The responsible parties of an accident must be held accountable for the mess and harm they have inflicted among their victims.

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