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Eclipse Glare Caused Car Crash

It is not every day that a momentous event causes people to look up to the sky. This past Sunday in California many people were fortunate to experience an annular eclipse appear before its skies. This is a long awaited event that is not due to happen again in at least fifty years. While this grand visual experience was commanding the attention of many, one woman in South San Francisco blamed it for blinding her and causing her to crash into two pedestrians.

Eclipse Anular

Eclipse Anular (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The female driving the vehicle at the time of the accident was a 26-year-old from San Bruno. She was allegedly looking at the eclipse while she was driving, an err decision on her part. When she took her eyes off the sun she realized she was temporarily blinded. In the process of readjusting her vision she crashed into something with her car at about 7:10 p.m.

Police arrived at the scene shortly after the crash with a team of paramedics. The woman told the officer that she was apparently blinded by a glare from the sun. She did not realize she was running into a mother and her daughter before she struck them with the vehicle.

The driver, whose name the police did not release, was heading west on Grand Avenue before the accident happened. She was in a 1997 Audi and where Grand Avenue intersects Walnut Avenue she hit the two pedestrians, a 40-year-old mother and her 10 year-old daughter, both from South San Francisco.

The young victims and her mother were transported to San Francisco General Hospital to receive medical attention. The daughter had moderate injuries, including a broken arm; the mother received minor injuries and is expected to make a quick recovery.
Per various sources, Police said the driver has not been charged.

Ophthalmologist advice that people do not look directly into the sun, doing so can lead from temporary to permanent blindness especially during an eclipse. The light coming from the sun is so powerful, that it can burn cells in the eyes without a person realizing. These cells are vital to the proper functioning of the eyes ability to see.

There are various ways to experience an eclipse without going blind. Sunglasses do not suffice, neither block out the hazardous rays. A better option is using products especially manufactured for that purpose. These proper eclipse viewing products offer a more enjoyable way of experiencing an eclipse and can be purchased online or at eclipse viewing events. There are also many do-it-yourself techniques available around the web.

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