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Cyber Stalker Arrested After Threatening Model

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Our personal safety is something that is of vital importance to us. Depending on where we live, we may take our security for granted or maybe as a blessing. In either case, safety from personal injury and wrongful death is something we seek and expect in our everyday lives. For Los Angeles model Kourtney Reppert, her feeling of security was threatened by cyber stalker Luis F. Plascencia.

Over a period of time, 26-year old Reppert increasingly got more threats from a man who anonymously looked through all her Facebook modeling photos. From emails sent from a multitude of different addresses, Plascencia terrorized the model. Some of the emails used profanity and all caps letters. Other emails told her that he know everything about her—from her parents’ addresses to where she was most of the time.

This threat of her private life being invaded must have been tough for the Los Angeles resident. The suspect had even told her that he demands she stop modeling, return to college, and change who she was. Receiving these commands from a complete, and seemingly crazy, individual must have been terrorizing to Reppert. After receiving threats, Reppert decided to hire a private detective and to get the FBI involved.

Luckily for Kourtney Reppert, she took legal action and made sure Plascencia would bully her no more. As of this Thursday morning, June 28, 47-year old Plascencia has been arrested and charged with cyber-stalking the model. The sentencing is not yet determined.

When Reppert’s life was in danger, she did not hesitate to take action. In cases like these, make sure you do not allow your personal safety to be compromised. When officers had searched Plascencia’s home in Chicago, they found CDs and a DVD containing photos of Reppert. There was even one slideshow which Plascencia had supposedly made of Reppert’s photos that was set to music. Before being arrested, the suspect had mailed the model one of the CDs, and then asked one of his neighbors to erase his hard drive. During the investigation, detectives also found out that Plascencia had made multiple emails and sent some of his emails through the Chicago Public Library.

Plascencia had been bullying and terrorizing Reppert since the beginning of this year. Reppert has many modeling photos on Facebook, some with very revealing clothing. Plascencia had started threatening Reppert, telling her to stop modeling or else he was going to kill her family. Among these messages were threats of wishing that she caught AIDs or got hit in a car accident.

Not many people have the courage to stand up for their rights when their personal safety is endangered. Don’t let this happen to you. If someone is making you uncomfortable and threatening your feeling of security, do not be afraid to stand up and take legal action. Also, if you have received personal injury or harm because of another individual, call a Los Angeles attorney today and put a stop to the bullying and threats.

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