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Christopher Dorner’s Past Witnessing Police Brutality

Posted on February 13, 2013

Christopher Dorner’s rampage stems from a time when he accused the Los Angeles Police Department of police brutality that was racially charged. He has completely gone off the rails with his vendetta against the department and his former employers, but it does bring up the subject of police brutality in the present day. His manifesto letter to the public, through social media and cable news, demonstrated his frustrations with how the LAPD seems to have engaged in racist offenses and lied about it.

English: LAPD officers at crime scene

English: LAPD officers at crime scene (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dorner was fired in 2008 for allegedly lying about a training officer’s racist, violent escapade. He has targeted these officers that he witnessed engaging in brutal behavior. Their families and the lawyer who represented him in the trial that tried to figure out whether or not the firing was justified are unsafe and on the hit list.

So far, Dorner has killed two officers, one in Riverside and one yesterday in a shootout in Big Bear, and injured another in the same incident. Currently, his death toll is up to 4 as he as also killed a daughter of a former cop and her fiance. The LAPD is desperate to end this standoff and run around. Yesterday, the cabin Dorner was holed up in and defending was burnt and his ID was found inside with a charred body that the officials are still not certain is actually Dorner himself.

Dorner alleged that he saw a sergeant kick an person of color who was handcuffed and unarmed. The LAPD Board of Rights decided that he was falsely accusing Evans and he was fired.

Christopher Dorner LAPD

Christopher Dorner LAPD (Photo credit:

However, the LAPD and Chief Beck reopened the case in order to make certain that Dorner was just a rambling, unhinged murderous man and not speaking the truth. It turns out that there were instances of racial discrimination against Dorner and other officers of color. The appeal hangs in the air since the court has said they can’t decide whether Evans was guilty or not. The LAPD still stands by Evans.

Dorner’s manifesto was ripe with raw emotion and pain over the racist and hurtful police department. Despite the fact that it also includes personal issues and his struggles with mental illness, the letter does make a clear case for police brutality and its horrible effects on the citizenry. A lot of people have voiced their support of these statements and views. People are angry in the streets over the mistreatment they have endured by police over the years. Anyone that had hoped that the racist and hateful LAPD ended after Rodney King has a rude awakening awaiting them.

Even in this murderous rampage, we have evidence of police misconduct and questionable, possibly terrible, practices. Two officers who had believed they had cornered Dorner in Riverside, shot at two unarmed women who were delivering newspapers. Of course both the women were of color and one is in intensive care for the two bullets that hit her back. On top of this, over 40 bullets were fired. Talk about overkill. The cops claim that they thought it was Dorner and his car. They are now on leave and the office is conducting an investigation into their actions.

Although we still deal with racism in the workplace, schools and in daily life, people that have been the victims of racist police actions are legitimately terrorized. They are usually of working-class or poor communities as well as being black or Hispanic.

It’s time to stop this travesty. Dorner is not right in killing innocent people and harming the families of officers who did not target him in their cover-up. It is unusual that Evans was not mentioned in the letter as being a target and has not needed to take safety precautions during this manhunt. Nevertheless, Dorner has a point. It should be taken seriously without regard to his psychopathic mission and the consequences from that kind of violence.

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