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Ban on Cell Phones While Driving Begins in Las Vegas

Posted on September 26, 2011

A new bill that bans the use of cell phones while driving begins on October 1, 2011 in Nevada. If you’re caught talking or texting while you’re driving and you’re not using a hands-free device, law enforcement officers will pull you over. As the bill goes into effect, you can only receive a warning, but beginning January 1, 2012, officers can start issuing tickets for this offense. A first-time ticket for this offense will cost $50, and fines go up to $250.

Information on punishment for this offense comes from the Nevada Highway Patrol and Senate Bill 140. First offense: $50 fine. Second offense in seven years: $100 fine and points against a driver’s record. Third offense: $250 fine. In construction zones, the fines double.

This fall, Nevada Highway Patrol will coordinate with local police departments to increase patrols to catch people on their cell phones while they are driving.

Many other states already have a ban in place on texting and talking on cell phones while driving. Hands-free devices allow drivers to communicate on cell phones without looking at their phone, but studies have shown that even hands-free calls are a huge distraction to drivers. While talking on a cell phone, a driver’s attention is focused on the conversation and reduces a driver’s concentration on driving.

Don’t drive distracted. No call is so urgent that it’s worth putting your life, and the lives of others, at risk.

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