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Ashley Greene’s Condo Burned in an Accidental Fire

A fire ran rampant through Ashley Greene’s condominium on Friday, March 22nd in Los Angeles. Unfortunately, her dog died in the accidental fire. The dog was hiding or resting underneath Greene’s bed when the fire began burning down the apartment or condo.  Greene and her boyfriend, who were both sleeping at the time the blaze erupted, were unharmed.

Fire officials ruled that the fire, which started in the living room, was an accident. A candle fell and lit the couch on fire and then the fire moved slowly but efficiently throughout the house. The authorities were uncertain at first if the fire was a freak accident or arson. After thoroughly investigating the scene, they found that no crime was committed and that the theory of a break-in was moot. The insurance company that is handling the case and claim on the condo agrees with the LAPD and fire authorities in Los Angeles.

The actress has appeared in many films such as Butter and the Twilight franchise. She is mourning the loss of her dog privately.

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