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40 Craziest Freak Accidents in Sports

Athletes train their bodies to get as close to physical perfection as possible, enabling them to contend in some of the most competitive and grueling activities in existence. However, even with this level of training they are still just as vulnerable to freak accidents as any common person.

It is important to remember that if you fall victim to an accident similar to these where another party is at fault that you call an accident attorney immediately to get the compensation you’re entitled to.

Here are the top 40 craziest freak accidents in sports collected for you in an easy to read format. For further information on any particular event please follow this link and navigate to the appropriate page.

40. Carlos Boozer Trips over Gym Bag and Breaks Pinkie
39. Larry Walker Separates Shoulder Fishing
38. Sean Payton Tears MCL on Sideline
37. John Smoltz Irons Himself
36. Jeff Kent Hurts Wrist Washing Car…Or Does He?
35. David Cone Misses Start from Dog Bite
34. Joel Zumaya Plays Too Much Video Games
33. Chris Hanson Drops the Ax
32. Erik Johnson Tears MCL Riding a Golf Cart
31. Adam Eaton Cuts Himself Opening a DVD
30. Milton Bradley Has Painful Argument
29. Chris Hanson and Jaret Holmes Fondue Party
28. Kevin Johnson Crushed by Charles
27. Greg Harris Hurts Elbow Flicking Sunflower Seeds
26. Tom Glavine Breaks a Rib Throwing Up
25. Lionel Simmons Hurt Himself Playing Video Games
24. Ken Griffey Jr. Hits the Wrong Ball
23. Glenn Healy Cuts Himself Fixing Bagpipes
22. George Brett Breaks Toe Watching Baseball on TV
21. Bret Barberie Burns Eyes with Hot
20. Nolan Ryan Misses a Start After Being Bitten by Coyote
19. Craig Grebeck Rubs Stickum in His Eye
18. Cecil Upshaw Gets Stuck in an Awning
17. David Seaman Breaks Bone Reaching for a Remote
16. Wade Boggs Gets Hurt Pulling Up Boots
15. Clarence Blethen’s Fake Teeth Hurt Him
14. Ken Sanders Breaks Nose from Glare
13. Alex Stepney Breaks Jaw Yelling
12. Jose Cardenal Has Eyelid Stuck Open
11. Ryan Klesko Strains Back While Picking Up Lunch Tray
10. Svein Grondalen Collides with a Moose While Running
9. Marty Cordova Stays in Tanning Bed Too Long
8. David Wells Kicks Stool and Cuts His Hand
7. Gus Frerotte Uses His Head in the Wrong Way
6. Sammy Sosa Hurts Back Sneezing
5. Steve Sparks Hurts His Shoulder Ripping Phone Books
4. Joe Sakic Gets Hurt by Snowblower
3. Paulo Diogo Loses Part of a Finger Celebrating
2. Bill Gramatica…Ya Know
1. Glenallen Hill Has a Bad Dream

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