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Was you or someone you love involved in a plane crash in California?

Aviation accidents are extremely uncommon. According to statistics, there is one plane crash for every 2,000 car collisions. With peoples’ lives and millions of dollars at stake, hiring a good aviation accident lawyer can be very complicated. If you are planning to hire a California plane crash lawyer, it is important to know some of the basic guidelines first and be familiar with some of the statutes governing aviation. When you meet with your potential lawyer, you will be able to assess your attorney’s ability to win your case by knowing these laws.

Overview of Accidents

Based on reports from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), air travel will most likely double in the next two decades. The risk of air accidents will be directly proportional to this increase in air travel. First, you have to identify the different causes or triggers of aviation accidents to know which area to focus on during court hearings. Aviation accident law will cover both general aviation accidents and major air carrier accidents. Some of the causes that your aviation accident lawyer can cover include pilot error, structural or design flaws, faulty equipment, violations of FAA regulations, negligence of Federal Air Traffic controllers, and negligence of Flight Service Station staff.

The investigation will be conducted by two agencies, namely the FAA and the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB). There are safety standards for flight operations, aircraft manufacturers, and the manner in which pilots and other airline employees conduct themselves. Other regulations ensure that air travel is as safe as possible. If any of these aspects are compromised, it could potentially be a reason for an accident.

On Personal Injury Claims

If you wish for your aviation accident lawyer to file a personal injury claim, always specify the cause of the aviation accident. The aircraft operator and owner can be held liable, as well as other parties involved, like the manufacturers or maintenance personnel. In some cases, the federal government could also be a liable party.

Aviation litigation is a very complicated process which will cover different areas and theories of international and federal law. Different defendants may be identified and you may be required to attend more than one court date. To successfully claim personal injury, the aviation accident attorney must show that the plaintiff, or injured individual, has suffered because of the failure of the defendant to meet responsibilities and expectations.

You may also want to discuss negligence with your potential lawyer. Negligence is defined as the failure to perform a task that might have avoided the accident entirely. Foreseeable risks have to be checked and maintained. If they are not, the people involved can be subject to negligence claims during aviation mishaps.

Product liability is another aspect of aviation accidents, wherein a defective part or product may have led to the personal injury. The owner and operator can be considered liable for any damage caused if standards of quality have not been met. Discuss all these aspects with your aviation accident lawyer before filing in court.


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