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Car Accident Lawyer Arcadia

Arcadia Car Accident Lawyer

If you are in a car accident where the other driver is at fault and you sustain injuries, you cannot be certain that your medical bills and lost wages will be covered by the other driver’s insurance company, or that you will even be compensated fairly. The legal teams of insurance companies are focused on minimizing monetary claims in injury cases and that leaves you, the driver, at a definite disadvantage.

In the case of minor injuries from an accident that does not result in lost wages or major medical bills, you should not hire an attorney as most work on a contingent basis. However, significant injuries that result in time missed from work and medical bills, are prime reasons to hire an attorney to get the most from your claim.

Car Accident Lawyer in Arcadia, California

If any of the following descriptions are applicable to your case, then you should definitely consider hiring an attorney.

Remember, insurance companies want to settle quickly and inexpensively. If you have injuries that were not serious at the time, but could perhaps affect you in the long term, the settlement the insurance company wants now may not be the one you will be happy with in the future. The temptation is always to settle quickly and take the offer given by the insurance company, but unfortunately, many times this leaves accident victims feeling unfairly compensated.

If the accident is contested, you definitely need the services of a lawyer to help you win your case. If you are the injured party, but lose the case, then you will recover nothing.

Best Arcadia Car Accident Lawyers

An attorney can maximize your settlement amount by gathering the evidence and constructing a settlement demand letter. If the insurance company refuses to settle, then the attorney will represent you in court and take on the attorneys for the other side. Insurance companies have extensive resources at their disposal to help them win cases and pay out the least amount of money possible. In order to win your claim or get the maximum amount of money due, you need to be represented by an attorney.


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