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Drive Safe This Holiday Season. Start with These Tips from Our Car Accident Lawyers.

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Drive Safe This Holiday Season. Start with These Tips from Our Car Accident Lawyers.

Posted on November 21, 2018 | Written By: iadminlaw

Drive Safe This Holiday Season

The holidays are notorious for heavy traffic, making it extra important to practice safe driving techniques. Some general tips include:

  • Give yourself extra time—and don’t rush!
  • Check traffic and weather conditions before you hit the road.
  • Take care of your car, ensuring proper maintenance.
  • Don’t drive while distracted!
  • Follow all traffic laws and guidelines.
  • If you do get into an accident, make sure you know the name of a good car accident attorney.

The holiday season is notorious for traffic and other travel difficulties. In fact, Thanksgiving weekend usually brings the densest traffic of the entire year. It certainly seems as though Thanksgiving 2018 will be no exception—particularly here in Los Angeles, where there have already been some significant traffic jams.

Whether you’re braving fierce traffic in Los Angeles or elsewhere in the country, it’s extra important to practice smart, safety-focused driving during the holiday season. To help point you in the right direction, here are a few safe driving tips from the car accident attorneys at I Accident Lawyer.

Tips for Safe Driving This Holiday Season

  • Don’t forget about the fires. We’ll start with a regionally-specific tip. If you’re in California, remember that the wildfires have complicated highway conditions quite a bit. Smoke has impaired visibility, while debris has cluttered the roads. On top of that, evacuations have made the traffic even worse than usual. Take all of this into account before you hit the road, and be prepared for some delays or some suboptimal driving conditions. If you don’t feel comfortable with the driving conditions, wait it out!
  • Give yourself some extra time. Simply put, you’re probably going to encounter some delays—so make sure you work them into your schedule. Leave for your destination a little bit early, so that you can focus on driving safely instead of driving too quickly.
  • Check conditions before you hit the road. While you never know exactly what to expect from a long car trip, there are plenty of apps that can you can use to get some basic idea. For example, Google Maps can be an invaluable source of information about traffic and potential delays along your path. Weather apps can tell you if there are any inclement conditions you need to be aware of. Make use of these apps as you plan your next long trip.
  • Get plenty of rest. If you’re going to be behind the wheel for a while, make sure you get plenty of rest the night before, ensuring that you’re awake and alert behind the wheel. Generally speaking, our Los Angeles car accident lawyers would advise against driving through night, when even the best motorists can succumb to drowsiness. And of course, if you need to pull over for a cup of coffee at any point, please do so!
  • Take breaks. You need to take the occasional break to restore some blood circulation and to give your mind a little time to rest. We’d encourage drivers to pull over and stop at a gas station or rest area at least once every three hours, or as needed.
  • Avoid driving while distracted. The #1 cause of highway accidents is distracted driving. Of course, this includes driving while texting, but that’s not the only form distraction can take. Anything that takes your hands off the wheel or your mind off of your driving qualifies as a distraction—including phone calls, eating, putting on makeup, etc. Never allow these distractions to interfere with your driving.
  • Follow the traffic laws. Traffic laws exist for a reason—and there are plenty of good reasons to follow them, beyond just avoiding tickets. Following the traffic guidelines is an important way to stay safe on the road.
  • Take care of your vehicle. One of the best ways to stay safe on the road is to ensure that your car is in good working order—that the tires give you enough traction, that your brakes are responsive, etc. Before you head out on any long trip, plan to take your car for a service appointment, getting an oil change, tire rotation, and basic inspection.
  • Know the name of a good car accident attorney. Hopefully, these basic tips will provide you with a safe and smooth journey—yet even the most cautious driver can end up in a car accident, often due to the negligence of other motorists. Make sure you have the name of a car accident attorney you can call, should you ever need one. If you’re in Los Angeles, choose I Accident Lawyer! Our Los Angeles car accident attorneys are always available to help.

What to Do if You’re in a Car Accident

If you do get into a car accident over the traffic-heavy holiday season, you’ll surely find the experience to be a little frazzling. As best you can, keep these guidelines in mind.

  • Call an ambulance. Safety is always the foremost concern, and if there are any visible injuries—a lot of blood loss, an obviously broken bone, someone who can’t get up, etc.—it’s vital to call for an EMT right away.
  • Get the police involved. Our Los Angeles car accident lawyers say you should always call the police and file a report. This will provide a baseline of fact, should your case ever go to court. Give the police officer a truthful account, without apologizing or admitting fault.
  • Collect information. Get the name, contact information, and insurance details from the other driver. If any witnesses are present, ask for their name and contact information as well.
  • Take some photos. Using your camera phone, take some quick photos of the accident scene—specifically the damaged areas of your vehicle, and any other property damage done (medians, stop signs, fences, etc.).
  • See a doctor. Even if you don’t think you’re injured, it’s important to make sure there are no hidden maladies. Either go to your regular doctor or to a nearby urgent care facility right away.
  • Call your car accident lawyer. Reach out to I Accident Lawyer to find out how best to proceed with your insurance claim—making sure you get the care and compensation you need in the aftermath of the accident.

Contact a Los Angeles Car Accident Lawyer Today

We hope you enjoy a meaningful holiday season, filled with friends, family, good food, and joyful conversation. And, if you do travel, we hope everything will go safely and smoothly.

If you do wind up in an accident, though, please don’t hesitate to call a lawyer who can help you. If you’re in Southern California, that means calling I Accident Lawyer.

At I Accident Lawyer, we only represent those who have been injured in accidents—and we work hard to make sure you see justice done. If you find yourself in need of a Los Angeles car accident attorney, contact I Accident Lawyer night or day.

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