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Auto Accident Lawyers Offer Holiday Driving Tips

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Auto Accident Lawyers Offer Holiday Driving Tips

Posted on December 11, 2017 | Written By: iadminlaw

Auto Accident Lawyers Offer Holiday Driving TipsThe holiday season brings with it many things—festive goodies, bright lights, trees, presents, and more. Of course, travel also belongs on that list. Whether you’re heading home for the holidays or simply planning a yuletide road trip, it’s important to remember that a lot of people are on the road this time of year. The need to exercise safe driving techniques is more pronounced than ever. In this post, our auto accident lawyers will weigh in with some of their top tips.

Safe Driving Tips from Top Car Accident Lawyers

Before leaving on a long trip, make sure you get your vehicle maintenance done.

According to one car accident lawyer on our team, the single most important thing you can do to ensure safe driving is taking care of your vehicle—because when you take care of your vehicle, it will take care of you! Even if you’re already behind on your holiday to-do list, make sure you work auto maintenance into your schedule.

A few specific boxes to check, according to our auto accident lawyers:

  • Check your tire pressure—and put air in your tires as needed.
  • Replace your wiper blades and refill your windshield washer reservoir.
  • Test your battery.
  • Make sure there is fresh oil in the vehicle, and that you’re up to date on routine tire rotations.

Be prepared for anything.

You never know what will happen when you’re out on the road—so according to our car accident lawyers, it’s wise to always have a winter emergency kit in your vehicle. A few items to consider:

  • Sand, kitty litter, or traction mats
  • A small shovel
  • Gloves and hats
  • Blankets
  • Flashlights and fresh batteries
  • Warning flares or triangles
  • Drinking water
  • Some nonperishable snack items, like protein bars
  • Some basic hand tools, including an ice scraper, snow brush, and tire gauge
  • Phone chargers
  • A First Aid kit
  • Jumper cables

Know where you’re going.

Know where you’re goingEven in the era of Google Maps and other GPS driving programs, it’s good to spend some time planning your route before you depart. After all, the last thing you want is to be lost somewhere without cell phone service.

Also, before you leave on your trip, make sure you check traffic conditions; consult traffic or map applications to find out whether there is any road work on your path; and get a feel for the kinds of weather conditions you can expect as you drive.

Practice safe driving habits.

One auto accident lawyers say that, during the holidays, it’s more important than ever to be mindful when you’re behind the wheel. A few safe driving practices you can implement include:

  • Increase your following distance. Instead of allowing three of four seconds, opt for eight to 10.
  • Avoid skids; apply the gas slowly to accelerate any time you’re on icy or snow-covered roads.
  • Above all, keep your eyes on the road, your hands on the wheel, and your mind on driving—always! Distracted driving is the primary cause of accidents.

Safeguard your valuables.

Another important tip from an auto accident lawyer on our team: Remember that the holidays are often marked by an increase in theft. This includes home burglaries, but also car break-ins. If your car is full of valuables, that makes it a prime target. Keep things like presents, purses, and bags either in the trunk, or in a covered storage area—where potential thieves can’t see them!

Take breaks as needed.

Driving long distances can take its toll—physically as well as mentally. It’s good to get out of the car, stretch your legs, and give your mind a break periodically. Every couple of hours or so, pull over at an exit and allow yourself a few minutes of reprieve.

Know what to do if you are in an accident.

I Accident LawyerEven if you practice safe driving skills, it’s still possible to find yourself in an accident; after all, there’s no accounting for other drivers. If this happens, make sure you seek medical care immediately, but also that you consult a car accident lawyer who can advise on your case.

I Accident Lawyer can help. We only represent those who have been involved in accidents—never insurance companies. We can help you figure out your next steps following an accident. Keep our name in mind, and call us if you need any help getting up on your feet again. And remember to drive safe this holiday season!

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