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Talking to Your Insurance Company: Tips from A Car Accident Attorney

Posted on May 18, 2017

Talking to Your Insurance CompanyAuto insurance companies market themselves as trusted allies—people you can trust, people you can depend on should you ever find yourself involved in an accident. Yet, when you are involved in an accident and it comes time to call the insurance company, it’s only natural to wonder if they really have your back.

Hopefully, you’ll find the answer is yes. If not, that’s when you may need to call a car accident lawyer—someone who can step up, even when your auto insurer doesn’t.

Additionally, note that there are some steps you can take to obtain the best possible response from the insurance company. Here are a few tips from the car accident attorneys at I Accident Lawyer.

Tips from Our Car Accident Lawyers

First and foremost: Don’t lie. Not only is this against the law, but it can also be used against you. The words you say to your insurance company have real implications. We’re not saying this to scare you, just to be upfront about the fact that this matters.

Don’t lie, then—but what should you say?

Don’t Say More Than You Need To

Your insurance company will want to ask you some questions about the accident, and it’s important that you answer those questions truthfully—but also that you avoid volunteering any more information than is necessary. Don’t answer questions that haven’t been asked, and don’t strain for concrete details when none are needed. A lot of the time, you’ll have a hazy memory of the accident anyway, and your insurance company will understand that. If you don’t know or don’t remember the answer to a question, it’s okay to say so.

Don’t Admit to Blame

You may feel like the answer is all your fault, and it may even feel good to say so—but don’t. Most accidents are caused by both parties—not necessarily equally, but still, it’s seldom 100 percent one driver’s fault. Don’t try to figure out where the blame lies; leave that part to the authorities who arrive on the scene.

Fight for Your Rights

You’re going to need to work with your insurance company to receive compensation, so don’t be adversarial—but do make sure you know what your policy covers and fight for the appropriate compensation. You are a customer, and your insurance company should provide you with friendly and helpful service; you should settle for nothing less.

If you have any trouble getting the insurance company to provide you with the just and fair coverage, that’s when calling a car accident lawyer might be necessary—and of course, I Accident Lawyer is here to help.

Have a Car Accident Attorney on Your SideHave a Car Accident Attorney on Your Side

Hopefully, your insurance company will be the ally you need during your time of crisis. Sometimes, insurers really step up to the plate. Sometimes, they don’t—and when that happens, you’re advised to call a car accident attorney. Contact I Accident Lawyer for the representation you need!

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