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Summer Road Trip Safety from Our California Car Accident Attorneys

Posted on July 3, 2017

Summer Road Trip Safety from Our California Car Accident AttorneysSummer is a time for fun, a time for adventure, a time for travel—in short, a time for road trips. Whether you’re road tripping with your whole family or just with some buddies, though, safety should obviously be paramount. The last thing you want is for your trip to be spoiled by injury—or worse.

In this post, our California car accident attorneys will outline a few basic principles for road trip safety. These guidelines obviously aren’t guarantees, as you can never control the behaviors of others—but they can certainly help you protect yourself and anyone who’s traveling with you.

Tips for a Safe Road Trip

Plan ahead. Even in the age of Google Maps, it’s smart to know the basic route before you leave on your trip. It’s also smart to do a little digging on the Web to see if you’ll be going through any construction areas, or if there are any wise detours for you to consider.

Know key phone numbers. Whether you have AAA or a roadside assistance service through your auto insurance, make sure you have the appropriate phone numbers (and membership IDs) handy. Having emergency contacts on speed dial is a smart move, as well.

Give yourself time. You don’t want to put yourself in a position where you feel rushed or harried. Always allocate plenty of time for your trip, including some leisurely meal times, breaks, and a good cushion for your travel time.

Be alert. If you know you’re going to be drowsy at night, don’t plan on night time driving—it’s that simple. Drink caffeine when you need it, take breaks often, and pull over if you feel like you’re too sleepy to be behind the wheel.

Make a roadside readiness kit. First Aid supplies, an umbrella, flashlights, a fire extinguisher, extra chargers for your devices, some water and snacks—it’s definitely good to be prepared for anything, or at least as much as you possibly can.

Make sure your car is in peak condition. Take it to the dealership for routine maintenance before you leave. Make sure you get an oil change, a tire rotation, a break inspection, and checks on all your fluid levels.

Don’t give into road rage. This may be a simple matter of willpower—of grating your teeth and powering through frustrating situations. Truly, though, road rage can be a major hazard to your safety. Do whatever you need to do avoid it, even if that means pulling over and cooling down.

Be mindful of the weather. Slow down if it’s rainy and the roads are slick—and if heavy storms are expected, consider waiting them out.

Call I AccidentLawyer for HelpBe Prepared for Anything

No matter what happens on your road trip, it’s important that you have someone you can call for help. If legal aid is what you need, contact I Accident Attorney. Our California car accident lawyers are here to give you the guidance you need. Otherwise, stay safe—and have fun!

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