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I Accident Lawyer Wins More Than $12 Million in Recent Settlement

Posted on February 23, 2017

I Accident Lawyer in Fresno Wins More than $12 MillionBeing involved in a car or truck accident can be devastating—physically, emotionally, and financially. Often, the victims of car accidents are left with massive medical bills, but also depleted funds, especially if they lose wages due to their injuries. These problems are compounded when the insurance company is hesitant to step in and do its fair share. In these cases, you really need someone to fight for you—but the question is who?

I Accident Lawyer Fights for Their Clients

If you are looking for a Fresno truck accident lawyer or Fresno car accident attorney, the answer is I Accident Lawyer.  This is an established firm that many believe to represent the best car accident lawyers in Fresno, CA. The I Accident Lawyer team boasts more than 20 years in personal injury law, and a reputation for fighting aggressively on each client’s behalf. The firm only represents individuals—never insurance companies—and doesn’t even collect a fee unless the case is won. No wonder they have a reputation as the top car accident lawyers in Fresno!

The Best Car Accident Attorneys in Fresno Win Significant New Settlement

As just the latest example of I Accident Lawyer’s success, the firm recently represented one client who was involved in a car-vs-truck accident—and through their passionate representation, I Accident Lawyer was able to win this client a settlement of more than $12 million! In fact, the final amount came out to $12,650,00.*

“This settlement is unreal,” the client states. “I have money for the rest of my life.” Indeed, his needs have been taken care of, and justice served—and all thanks to the personal injury expertise of I Accident Lawyer!

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Find Car Accident Attorneys in Fresno, CA

If you have been injured in an accident and need someone to represent your interests, we encourage you to reach out to the experienced attorneys at I Accident Lawyers today. Whether you are looking for a Fresno motorcycle accident lawyer or Fresno car accident attorney, they can help you!

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