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I Accident Lawyer, Top Fresno Auto Accident Lawyers, Wins Major Highway Accident Settlement

Posted on March 18, 2017

I Accident Lawyer, Top Fresno Auto Accident Lawyers, Wins Major Highway Accident SettlementMost drivers have some experience with minor accidents, scrape-ups, and fender benders. Often, these automobile mishaps are both minor and unserious, but in some instances they can spiral into something far more consequential. Something as common as being cut off in traffic can lead to a major collision—and to extreme damage.

What do you do when this happens? The first and foremost concern, of course, is seeking the right medical help. It is also important to seek legal guidance, though. To ensure that justice is served, and that you’re not left destitute by mountains of medical bills, you’ll need an attorney to work with you. For those who live in the Valley, that means recruiting one of the top car accident lawyers in Fresno—specifically I Accident Lawyer.

The Latest Win from the Top Car Accident Lawyer in Fresno

The team at I Accident Lawyer works to represent those who have been involved in highway accidents and collisions—period. The firm never represents insurance companies. It never represents big businesses. It’s here to help Fresno drivers see justice done—and it has a winning track record that inspires real confidence.

Here’s the latest: In November 2015 near Fresno County, I Accident Lawyer’s client was riding as a passenger in a vehicle, his girlfriend behind the wheel. They were involved in a major accident: Approaching and entering on a green light, they were violently struck by a large tow truck. The driver of the tow truck had been looking down at his laptop before running his red light.

The truck collided with the passenger side, causing serious injuries to the man’s lower extremities. Immediately he was transported to the hospital for surgery. Over the course of several months, the man recovered.

He hired I Accident Lawyer, and these Fresno car accident lawyers immediately took on the case. It proved challenging with some liability issues but ultimately settled for $700,000 after the meager opening offer of $300,000.*

Get Legal Assistance in Fresno County

Fresno Car Accident AttorneyBottom line: The Fresno car accident attorney team at I Accident Lawyer went the extra mile for the client and secured a great settlement. That’s their mission, and it’s an offering they make to anyone who’s been involved in a serious auto accident in Fresno. Get the help you need by contacting the I Accident Lawyer team today.

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