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8 Ways to Avoid an Accident on the California Freeway

Posted on June 30, 2017

8 Ways to Avoid an Accident on the California FreewayNobody ever wants to be in an auto accident—yet freeway collisions happen every day, to countless drivers who never once dreamed that’s how their day would go. While accidents cannot ever be 100 percent prevented, there are certainly ways you can drive defensively, protecting yourself and your passengers from any kind of injury. In this post, we’ll offer some safe driving tips for California motorists, straight from our car accident lawyers at I Accident Lawyer.

How to Avoid an Accident on the California Freeway: Tips from Our Auto Accident Attorneys

1. Don’t use the fast lane. It’s not just that the fast lane moves, well, fast. It’s also that it doesn’t leave you with many escape routes. When you’re in the middle lane, and you see another car being reckless, you’ve got more space to maneuver out of its way.
2. Be aware of your blind spots. Make sure you look around—actually turning your head—before you make a turn of a lane shift. You can’t always trust your mirrors to show you the whole picture.
3. Keep in mind the limits of your vehicle. Some vehicles become harder to control when they hit certain speeds, or when they are on inclines, or when the road conditions are slick. Be cognizant of the limitations of your own car or truck.
4. Avoid driving at night. When visibility is low and your body and mind are tired, it’s simply not a safe time to be behind the wheel. If you have to drive at night, make sure you keep your lights on; rest up before the trip; pack a caffeinated beverage; and pull over if you ever start to feel drowsy.
5. Look ahead. Don’t just keep your eyes on the vehicle directly in front of you. Look to everything going on in front of that car, too. Scan the horizon and try to always take in the big picture.
6. Drive with your hands at the 3 and 9 positions. Just like you learned in driver’s ed!
7. Mind the condition of other cars. Frankly, if it looks like a vehicle has an inattentive owner—that is, it’s incredibly dirty or not well taken care of—that could very easily indicate that it has an inattentive driver, as well. Be careful around these cars!
8. Keep your car in good condition. Regular tire rotations, brake inspections, and oil conditions are all critical, as well as any other manufacturer-recommended maintenance.

Get Help from Our Car Accident Attorneys

By following these tips, you’re doing just about everything in your power to avoid an accident on the California freeway—but remember that not everything is in your control. If you are hit by another driver—or experience an accident for any reason—make sure you get the representation you need.

I Accident Lawyer can help. Our auto accident attorneys can help you see justice done—so if you do find yourself in trouble on the California freeway, contact us right away!

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