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7 Ways to Avoid a Motorcycle Accident in Southern California

Posted on June 23, 2017

7 Ways to Avoid a Motorcycle Accident in Southern CaliforniaNo matter how safe you are, and how alert you are when you’re on your motorcycle, it’s simply not possible to completely prevent accidents. There’s just no accounting for other motorists or cyclists, whose actions can imperil you no matter how defensively you’re driving. With that said, there is certainly some merit to learning how to drive as safely as possible here in Southern California. In this post, our Southern California car accident attorneys will share some ways to protect your life—and the life of your passengers—when you’re out on the motorcycle.

What Our Auto Accident Attorneys Recommend for Motorcyclists

1. Dress for safety. We don’t just mean wearing a helmet, although that’s certainly crucial. We also mean wearing clothing that is bright and reflective. When you’re dressed in all black, you’re simply not as visible to other drivers—especially when it’s dark outside.
2. Protect your skin. We mentioned the helmet; something else you’ll want to do is wear thick clothing, to keep your skin protected. Also ensure a good pair of gloves—gloves that allow you enough flexibility to properly operate your bike.
3. Know your own limits. Don’t drive when you’re drowsy. Don’t drive when you’re poorly rested. If possible, don’t drive at night—and if you do need to drive during a suboptimal time, make sure you pull over when you need to. Taking a good nap before a nighttime ride is also recommended.
4. Stay away from semi trucks. If you see big rigs on the road, try to get as far away from them as possible. There are a couple of reasons for this. One is that, if you collide with one, it will obviously be bad. Also, though, semis make it hard for other drivers to see you.
5. Stick to the middle lane if you can. Simply put, you always want to have some clear escape routes. You always want to have a quick way to get away from a reckless driver—or a semi truck—you encounter. If you’re always in the left lane, that cuts down on your escape routes considerably.
6. Take care of your bike. Motorcycle maintenance is vital for your safety. Tire rotations, oil changes—do what you need to do to ensure your machine is functioning at the highest possible level.
7. Be mindful of the weather. Fog and rain can make driving your motorcycle significantly more dangerous—and they can impact cars and trucks, too. Be especially careful riding when the weather’s foul—and if you can just avoid it altogether, that’s ideal.

Get Help from Our Southern California Car Accident Attorneys

Even following these tips, you may still find yourself involved in an accident—and if that does happen, we’d urge you to get the legal representation you need. That’s what we provide here at I Accident Lawyer—passionate pursuit of justice on behalf of Southern California drivers and riders.

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