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2 Killed in Possible Street Racing Collision in Jefferson Park

Posted on February 14, 2018

2 Killed in Possible Street Racing Collision in Jefferson ParkThe Los Angeles Police Department is investigating if illegal street racing may have been the cause of a fatal high-speed collision in the Jefferson Park Area of South Los Angeles that resulted in the death of a man and woman Sunday evening, Feb. 11th. The fatal collision was reported to LAPD dispatchers around 10:00 p.m. when witnesses told officers that a high-speed collision had occurred between a Dodge Ram pickup truck and a 4-door sedan at the intersection of Adams Boulevard and 7th Avenue in Jefferson Park. Officers responded to the scene to discover a blue pickup truck with significant front damage along with a completely wrecked 4-door sedan that located on a sidewalk. According to LAPD Sgt. Ellison, the 4-door sedan was traveling south on 7th Avenue and as the vehicle approached Adams Boulevard the driver attempted to turn left at a high rate of speed and  lost control of the vehicle. The sedan was T-boned by the Dodge Ram pickup truck that was traveling westbound on Adams Boulevard. The sedan overturned and came to a rest abutting a fence on the southernmost sidewalk.

Los Angeles Car AccidentThe driver and passenger of the sedan were identified as a male and female both in their 20s. A 3rd occupant was extricated from the wreckage and transported to Keck Medical Center USC in unknown condition. The driver of the Dodge Ram pickup truck was identified as a 44-year old man. He was also transported to a nearby hospital and treated for minor non-life threatening injuries. Witnesses and police are pointing to illegal street racing as the cause of this fatal collision. 1 witness, Jonathan Lantigua, a resident of Jefferson Park, said speeding and traffic accidents are very common in the area. “I think speed is a problem,” Lantigua said. “I mean, I understand that they want to have big roads and have fewer lights for traffic during the daytime. But at nighttime, there needs to be more lights or some stop signs going on, where people know that they can’t speed around there.”

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